The Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography Presents an In-Depth Review of Positive Airway Pressure Titration

The 2nd edition of the Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography includes a detailed explanation of all current positive airway pressure (PAP) modalities including CPAP, bi-level PAP, bi-level S/T mode, pressure control mode, adaptive servo-ventilation, and other PAP options. The author describes the use of CPAP and other PAP modalities for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and for other forms of sleep disordered breathing in a manner that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand.

The Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography also discusses the use of bi-level PAP as a means of ventilatory support for treating patients with restrictive and obstructive lung disease and neuromuscular disease, and the use of adaptive servo-ventilation for treating patients with Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Common problems with PAP titration are discussed in detail, with many practical tips for obtaining optimal results.

The author especially emphasizes strategies for ensuring patient tolerance and long-term compliance with CPAP and bi-level PAP treatment. The actual titration process is demonstrated by the use of highly detailed record samples, which further reinforce the concepts presented by the PAP chapter.