The Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography Presents the Polysomnographic Features of Sleep Disordered Breathing

The 2nd edition of the Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography presents a detailed discussion regarding the scoring and interpretation of sleep disordered breathing. An extensive collection of clinical record samples illustrates the relationship between sleep physiology and abnormal respiratory patterns. The author emphasizes that sleep disordered breathing is not limited to obstructive sleep apnea, but includes many variants thereof, as well as other forms of respiratory disturbances that do not always fit existing scoring criteria.

The author also stresses the importance of differentiating clinically significant respiratory events from normal variants of sleep/wake physiology and from commonly-occurring artifacts. The issue of over-scoring is addressed, particularly within the context of existing scoring rules and automated data analysis.

For the technologist, the Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography provides many practical tips for obtaining accurate and clinically-relevant data. For the physician, the Atlas provides a comprehensive guide for evaluating and interpreting the sleep study by balancing existing scoring rules with practice-based clinical judgment.